The elevator has become such a staple of everyday life that it’s one of the first things that we look for when entering a building taller than 2 storeys. Without elevators, we’d be busy nursing sore legs from the hike up the stairs, and the installation of a quality lift will ensure that your business is looking after its employees properly.

But having a lift installed isn’t the end of the matter, and it’s imperative that any necessary maintenance work is carried out to ensure the safety and functionality of the machine. If the elevator isn’t properly looked after, then you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of some very unhappy workers, or even a potential disaster.

We’re here at Elevators Ltd to take you through some of the worst elevator tragedies in history, to remind you exactly why lift maintenance is so important in today’s world.

  1. Jumping To… Death

First of all, allow us to give you one very important tip: if you get stuck in an elevator, don’t try to escape yourself. Gerhardt Fuchs was a drummer, freelance writer and graphic artist at the time of his death, and is a shining example of why you should always wait for help if you happen to get stuck in a lift. Fuchs attempted to escape the elevator himself after calling for help, which ultimately ended up with him falling several floors to his death.

  1. Surf’s Up

Meet Louis Tornero Moffitt. This guy was an adrenaline junkie who unfortunately went one stunt too far. When you think of adrenaline junkie’s, your mind might wander to the likes of sky diving, free running or stuntmen- however, Moffitt was killed due to a peculiar craze called Elevator Surfing. The stunt involves getting onto the top of an elevator and riding it all the way up as your friend’s operate the controls. It’s an incredibly dangerous act which is always only going to end one way. Well, Moffitt was due to do a bit of base jumping, but first decided it would be a good idea to do a spot of elevator surfing. The only problem was that he was still wearing his parachute, which subsequently got stuck in the mechanics of the lift and caused Moffitt to be killed.

  1. A Little Overcrowded

Elevators always have a sign inside them stating its max occupancy, and you should always pay attention to them, even if it’s a ridiculously high measurement. Back in 1903, a group of young people at the Donnelly building were heading up to a party on the sixth floor. It was a busy party, and a total of 17 passengers crammed into the lift. Just as the lift was approaching the sixth floor, the elevator car let go and went shooting down the elevator shaft, killing 4 of the passengers in the lift. The accident was blamed on overloading the lift as the maximum weight only allowed up to 12.

These horrible circumstances are obviously very unlikely in with today’s available passenger lifts and platform lifts, however you can always benefit from some top quality lift maintenance to ensure that such disasters don’t occur in your building.