In Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower – apparently set to be the world’s tallest building – even the elevators will be VIP. Well you’d expect nothing less really would you? You can’t have the world’s tallest building relying on shoddy lifts!

So the elevators in the tower will actually reach a record height of 2,165 feet (660 meters), but that’s not the only record they’re going to set. Visitors travelling to the observation deck will get to experience the world’s fastest double-decker lifts; reaching speeds of 30 feet (10 meters) per second. We see a lot of lift maintenance in their future! The lifts also use carbon fibre rope instead of the traditional steel cables as the latter would be too heavy once you take into consideration how much you’d need to operate the lifts. Carbon fibre is lighter and stronger.

But there’s more! The high-rolling residents of the Kingdom Tower will be able to communicate with the lifts directly from their phones. This means that by the time they’ve pulled up in their car, parked and reached the lift, it will be ready and waiting to take them to their floor. It’s pretty cool but we’re not sure how much time this little trick will actually save. I guess being in the world’s tallest tower the lifts do have to travel quite a distance. Imagine getting stuck at the top though? They’d have to get their lift repair team on the job in a jiffy! We’re sure with how high tech everything is they’ve got their lift repair and lift maintenance sorted anyway – we can’t wait for it to be finished!