It has been predicted that the current world record for tallest building and highest lift are set to be broken by the end of the decade. In fact, these achievements could change the world of architecture as we know it.

Scientifically, elevators which travel more than 500m were found to be unfeasible. This was because the weight of the steel ropes was too much and subsequently meant that more ropes were required in order to carry the weight of the ropes themselves. A lift manufacturing company known, Kone, has spent a long time debating this issue and after 9 years of testing, experimenting and planning, the company has release Ultrarope.

Ultrarope is a very strong material which is made from carbon fibre and is wrapped in a friction proof coating. Weighing a seventh of the weight of steel, Ultrarope is more efficient, lasts twice as long and makes lifts higher that 1km much easier to build.

Kone’s creation has been chosen to be installed in what will be known as the world’s tallest building. Located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Kingdom Tower should be completed in 2018 and will stand at a massive 1km high. It will also have the world’s tallest lift – standing at 2,165 feet high!

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