We know a good elevator design when we see one. We’ve been at the forefront of lift maintenance and servicing in London for years now and we know our stuff. We found some of the craziest, most stunning and most ingenious elevators around the world and thought we’d show them to you! These are just a few, however the actual scope of elevator design around the world from country to country is incredible and coupled with amazing thinkers and technologists, there are some jaw dropping feats of engineering out there.

Take this aquarium lift for starters in the Radissson Blu hotel in Berlin-Mitte. It’s transparent, travels through an 82ft aquarium filled with 260000 gallons of water, housing 15000 fish, requiring four divers a day and 18lbs of food.

elevator 1

This Las Vegas elevator in the Luxor Hotel operates on an incline thanks to the design of the hotel itself which is shaped like an Egyptian pyramid. Giving passengers a stunning view of the atrium, the incline measures 39 degrees.


The Sky Tower in Auckland has an elevator system with four cars operating across 70 storys. Nothing really spectacular about hat, we hear you say. What is we told you the elevator cars all had glass floors?


The Bailong Elevtor, or ‘Hundred Dragons elevator’, in China is the tallest outdoor life, built into a seriously steep cliff face. 1000ft high, it gives passengers incredible views of the 2600ft quartzite pillars in the area.


The ocean liner Oasis of the Seas has a somewhat quirky elevator taking passengers from the Central Park deck to the Royal Promenade. It is a bar/lift combo, incorporating an actual cocktail bar for passengers travelling between floors. The journey takes around 8 minutes, so plenty of time to sip a cheeky little Blue Lagoon or a fiery Zombie and take in your surroundings.


We can’t imagine the scale of the lift maintenance involved in servicing those!