It’s not often you see one of the world’s most expensive buildings in real life, so we thought we’d bring them to you in one article – okay, so we’re not taking you around the world in 80 days but this is better than nothing!
Princess Tower in Dubai cost $2.17billion to construct and comprises 763 residential units as well as office space and retail outlets. Taking six years to build in total, it incorporates thirteen lifts.


The City of Dreams in China is a gamers paradise. It cost $2.40billion to build and has 1514 gaming machine and 435 games tables as well as a world renowned dancing water show.

The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas cost $2.70billion to build in total and is the 6th largest hotel in the world. The shopping section incorporates Dior, Cartier, Alexander McQueen and Chanel – nice if you have that kind of cash, hey?


One World Trade Center in New York cost $3.80billion to construct from start to finish taking seven years to complete. Also known as the Freedom Tower, it has seventy-one floors of office space, a museum dedicated to the events and aftermath of 9/11, links to eleven NYC subway lines, a ferry port and other export links. blog4

Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, costing $3.90billion makes it the second most expensive hotel in the world. 302 rooms, 92 suites, 16 Royal suites, space for 2,500 vehicles, a marina and a helipad makes this stunning building a sight to behold.

We can only imagine the lift maintenance required for those buildings! What with the kinds of people visiting the hotels and the money behind the office buildings, if one of those lifts were to become faulty, the lift engineer would be under immense pressure to get the issue resolved ASAP! The passenger lifts in those building are probably made of platinum, too. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but still…