Wealth, it would appear, is the most talked about element of human existence. People are ever eager to cull information about billionaires, their lifestyle, residences, stories of opulence, etc.

A curiosity to know about billionaires’ residences stems from that very urge. Here are some interesting facts about 10 most expensive houses in the world. Read on . . .

Interestingly the first place is occupied by Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani’s house.

1. Antilla, Mumbai — $2 billion, say reports

Named Antilla, the house owned by Mukesh and Nita Ambani, is a 27-storey, 40,000-square foot tower.

Known for its custom measurements and fittings, Antilla comes with a six-story car park.

The house has been designed after consultation with architecture firms Perkins and

Will & Hirsch Bedner Associates based in Dallas and Los Angeles.

No floors in their home are alike. Each floor has a different layout, material and design.

Atop the parking lot begins the living space with nine elevators in their lobby. The house also boasts of a silver coloured railing large ballroom with 80 per cent of its ceiling covered with crystal chandeliers.

The 570-foot tall mostly glass, the tower has 600 staff to handle the chores. There is a crystal chandelier in the ballroom ceiling.

It also features retractable showcases for artwork and entertainment stages.

Each floor is double the average height.

The head of Reliance Industries, a oil and petrochemicals giant, Mukesh Ambani holds a net worth of $43 billion.

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