Hurrah! The World Cup 2014 finally kicked off last week and the team over at Elevators Ltd have been watching every match possible, to support both England (and team of your choice) and our sweep stake team.

Each football manager would have carefully selected their World Cup chosen team and they want the best players to play, so the chances of winning are higher. Elevators Ltd have a similar approach and have the best of the best lift engineers on board. It has been an interesting first few games of the football tournament; we saw Marcelo score an own goal against Croatia, putting Brazil 1-0 behind within the first few minutes. Spain were humiliated on the pitch against Holland, who beat the tipped winners 5-1, and England, well they just lost out against Italy, but they played well.

The World Cup has only just begun and we’re sure that there will be more unpredicted matches to come, but we still have high hopes for our England boys!

Lifts can also be unpredictable, but fortunately, all of our elevators have regular lift maintenance to prevent mishaps from occurring and we have the best engineers in the country working for us, so you’re in safe hands.

We may not have the strongest and most reliable football team in the World Cup, but we do have the strongest and reliable lifts and team over at Elevators Ltd. Contact us today for more information about our services including lift maintenance and lift installation.