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Why you need a qualified lift engineer for lift maintenance, installation and repairs

April 1, 2021
Posted by: chrisbruty1@gmail.com

Why a qualified lift engineer is important.

An elevator requires a lot of upkeep from a licensed expert in order to ensure that they remain safe for use and manage to outlast their longevity guarantee.

Lift engineering is a highly skilled job, keeping lifts running smoothly and keeping lift passengers safe. Man-made contraptions such as lifts cannot regulate their own maintenance needs and a lift engineer is needed to keep lifts in good working order.  Read on as we explain what this job role entails and how critical they are to the lifespan of elevators all over the UK…

We all want to be assured of safety when travelling by elevator and it’s clear why lift engineering is a highly qualified professional skill. From the traditional passenger elevators that are found in shopping centres to the residential lifts installed inside the home of the elderly or wheelchair-bound, there is a wide range of different elevators that need maintenance.

A lift engineer has knowledge of both the electrical and hydraulic components found within a lift in order to understand how they operate, and it is this expertise that allows them to provide lift maintenance too. After all, you must be able to understand how something works in order to fix any irregularities or malfunctions!

The most important responsibility of any engineer is to ensure that an elevator is safe for use, which is the purpose of the inspections and tests that are carried out on a regular basis. When it comes to installing brand-new elevators, an engineer is also required on-site in order to connect up the electrical components and ensure that they are fitted accurately and safely.

Here at Elevators Ltd, our team of lift engineers are highly qualified and experienced in order to provide you with the very best service possible. After all, there is nothing more essential to the longevity of a lift than routine maintenance.

And don’t forget commercial property owners and companies that own, or have use of lift equipment are legally obliged to ensure that lifts are well maintained and in good working order. This is covered by LOLER regulations and includes Passenger Lifts, Good Lifts, Car Lifts, Sissor Lifts, Mobility Lifting Aids, and Dumb Waiters are all covered by LOLER Regulations. Business owners using lift equipment must ensure their responsibilities are covered. Skipping routine lift maintenance and servicing might not just be a false economy, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

For all your lift maintenance needs, across London, Kent, Hampshire and the Home Counties get in contact  Elevators Ltd today!