As a population it is hard to deny that we have become lazy and reliant on technology far too much. From our ability to avoid walking at all cost to the ease of ordering items online, it is astonishing how far we have come in our aim to do as little as possible. With this said there is one thing that tends to unite the public and that is our mutual hatred of stairs. Not only are they tiring, they span several floors and are rarely used. Here are a few reasons why we all hate the stairs plus a more time friendly alternative…


Climbing the stairs is physically demanding and whilst it is said to be good for you it can be impossible for people with lung conditions that cause them to become short of breath incredibly easy. In addition to this, it also helps you realise how incredibly unfit you are which is something that nobody wants to actually realise or pay attention to when they are trying to maintain composure in front of the other people who are also climbing!


Depending on how many stairs and your fitness level it can also take up a considerable amount of time to actually reach your destination. For example, people who have to climb several flights of stairs that span three or more flights will find it incredibly challenging and will likely have to stop frequently, adding to the time it takes to reach the floor they need.


Depending on the location of the stairs it is not uncommon for a flight to be incredibly populated with people which can add to the unease that is felt by people who are perhaps quite unfit. Plus, a busy stairwell also limits how quickly or slowly you can climb them so if you must travel at a slow pace you will find that others become frustrated at your speed.

Luckily for the majority of us who detest the effort that is required in order to climb the stairs, there is a much easier alternative; lifts! Here at Elevators Ltd we know all about the hatred of stairs which is why we are proud to provide an exciting array of elevators to suit each and every need of the population! For more information, contact the best lift company around today!