It may seem counterproductive to write an article focussed on elevator removal, however, the team here at Elevators Ltd recognise that elevator decommissioning is an incredibly important area of the industry. In fact, we even offer our own removal service. After all, it is imperative that this service is carried out by an experienced and educated engineer in order to ensure that nobody gets hurt. Read on to find out three reasons why people may have an elevator decommissioned and removed…


When a building is undergoing a makeover, it is not uncommon for elevators to be taken out of commission and removed. After all, this allows the architect full artistic control over the design and layout of a building, with the option to install brand new elevators in different locations at a later date. This is often done when the elevator in question hasn’t been used for a considerable amount of time and would be a safety risk in a new building.

Out of Service

Like any pieces of machinery, an elevator is not invincible, and this means that it will eventually stop working. Thankfully, routine maintenance and servicing can help keep it in order for many years. With this said, when an elevator completely gives in, it may be time to consider decommissioning. In fact, many people will have this service carried out and the elevator removed because the mechanical aspects have become permanently out of order.


In order to have an elevator replaced with a brand-new model, the old one has to be decommissioned and removed. After all, a replacement isn’t as simple as it sounds. Whilst elevator removal sounds counterproductive, it is an integral part of the elevator industry and plays an important part in replacing an old worn-out system with a shiny brand-new one.

Whether you have an old and worn-down elevator that needs removing for safety reasons or are about to undergo an extensive renovation, the Elevators Ltd team can help! Our team of experienced engineers will assess your lift before the removal and ensure that the job is carried out with the safety of those present in mind. To find out more, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!