Thanks to advancements in technology, disastrous accidents involving elevators are vastly unheard off in the 21st century. With this said, elevators are known to break down for a range of different reasons, many of which can be prevented with a key focus on maintenance and inspection. Here are a few reasons why elevators break down unexpectedly…

Power Failure

The most common cause of an elevator breakdown is the result of a power failure and short circuit somewhere in the system. With this kind of break down the elevator cab will often stop moving during a journey unexpectedly and that the passengers inside will have to call for help, particularly if it does not stop flush with the  platform so the doors can open.

Criminal Damage

Either intentional or accidental criminal damage can cause an elevator to break down. After all, a safe and fully functioning elevator is one that is in tip top condition. Examples of this kind of damage include broken buttons, liquids being spilt onto control panels and is some circumstances, cosmetic damage that makes an elevator unsafe for use.

Lack of Maintenance

Regardless of the ultimate cause for an elevator break down, 99% of the time a problem could have been fixed or prevented with routine and regular maintenance in place. After all, how can you know that the sheaves of an elevator need replacing without an inspection by a professional until it is too late? Due to this, a lack of maintenance is often a secondary cause of many elevator break downs.

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