In modern society, elevators can be found in a variety of different places, from apartment blocks to residential properties and public shopping centres to hospitals. Here at Elevators Ltd, we know how much of an important role the elevator plays in medicine, especially when there is a medical emergency taking place. Read on as we go over a few reasons why the elevator is essential in a hospital environment…

Safe Transportation

The majority of patients in a hospital are bed-bound and an elevator offers a safe yet convenient way to transport people between the different floors of the building without putting them at risk. After all, a patient that has just had an 8-hour surgery could not even fathom having to use the stairs and that is why the elevator is such an important piece of machinery in a hospital environment.


In most areas of a hospital, the working day is very fast paced, so it is essential that patients and staff are able to get from one place to another quickly and efficiently. After all, a doctor that is on call tends to be responsible for the care of hundreds of patients over several different floors and the best way to navigate between them is with an elevator.

Disability Awareness

Some patients are known as ‘out-patients’ and these are considered low risk. In fact, they tend to visit a hospital for a referral appointment after seeing their GP. With this said, it is important to cater for every member of society and there many be out-patients who are wheelchair bound or considered a flight-risk on a staircase. As a result, an elevator offers a safer alternative.

A hospital is often a very large building with several floors, so it is important that the nurses, doctors, surgeons and patients are able to get to where they are needed quickly and safely. By having an elevator in place, it can dramatically reduce the risk of transporting a sick patient and make it easier for those with disabilities to find their way around. To find out more information about the importance of elevators, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!