Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses deemed non-essential have been forced to halt operations in an attempt to steam the spread of the virus and save as many lives as possible, and to help avoid overwhelming the NHS in the UK.

Some essential businesses have been allowed to remain open and many of these businesses have had to adapt to the current situation quickly, changing the way they do things on a daily basis. A lot of these companies will have elevators on their premises that are used by a large number of people very regularly.

Effective cleaning and disinfecting has been the most proven method of helping to prevent the spread of the virus, which is something all lift owners are being advised to do. Here is the advice set out for cleaning your elevators thoroughly:

Clean your elevator often

On average an elevator receives a deep clean every 1-2 months. During this time it is advised that it is cleaned much more regularly. This involves regular cleaning of items that are frequently touched, such as the handrails or console. These should be washed with disinfectant using a disinfected damp cloth or alcohol wipes frequently throughout the day.

Install alternative ways to disinfect

There are technologies businesses can invest in to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 that doesn’t involve a constant cycle of cleaning. UV disinfection units can be installed inside elevators that automatically kill 99.99% of bacteria and installation is relatively quick and easy.

Specialised elevator cleaning equipment  

It is always advised that businesses with an elevator invest in proper lift cleaning equipment or even use a specialised elevator cleaning company to ensure their lift systems are kept in best possible condition. By receiving a proper clean not only will your elevator be more sterile, it will also extend its life span by removing dirt that would otherwise be missed and cause damage to the machinery.

Contact your lift company today for more information surrounding COVID-19 to ensure you keep all your staff and potential guests safe.