What is an epoxy cabin?

An epoxy cabin is where the metal surface of the elevators cabin is coated with a special epoxy or polyester resins during the manufacturing process.

This is done to deliver a protective layer over the surface which not only helps to stop corrosion, but also creates a real decorative finish.

Epoxy cabins can be manufactured for a variety of lifts, no matter what the size, shape or use.

Many people incorporate epoxy cabins in their lifts to increase their durability. The powder coating provides a barrier between the lift and any external conditions which ensures the lift looks like new, years after its installation.

Epoxy cabins offer the same design features of other kinds of cabins which means you can still give your lift full customisation, including bespoke graphics, digital printing, a variety of colours and complete personalisation. Installing an epoxy cabin doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the design and style of your lift.

Epoxy cabins have to be created during the manufacturing process and so it is for this reason that they are not available during lift refurbishments. You can request an epoxy cabin if you are having a full installation or are completely replacing your old lift.

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