With technology on the rise and modernisation taking hold of every industry on the planet, it is only expected that elevators have a hidden past that very few people under 60 years old know about. After all, the advancements of modern elevators as we know them today ultimately made the need for elevator operators redundant in the early 60’s.

With this said, the team here at Elevators Ltd believe that these workers played a key role in the vast history of elevators and we are going to briefly look at their day to day operations…

What was an ‘Elevator Operator’?

When elevators were a relatively new addition to a building, people were not allowed to use them alone because they were so technical. In fact, the early versions of elevators didn’t even have doors that completely closed when the elevator was not in use and a gate was put in place to stop people falling down the shaft. An ‘elevator operator’ would get passengers to the floor they need by pressing the desired floor, opening/closing the doors and controlling the speed/direction of the cab. It was a technical job that required a lot of concentration.

Surprisingly, many elevator operators were young girls who had to complete something known as ‘charm school’ in order to get the job. They would greet the passengers and provide a familiar face for guests who may have been frequent visitors.

Lack of Need

The rise of electronics and technology would eventually be the demise of elevator operators as the industries would provide a way for passengers to travel inside an elevator cab unaccompanied. After all, the modern elevators we know of today are extremely advanced and you can reach the floor you desire by simply pressing a button and leaving all the heavy lifting to the technological components inside the machine room.

When it comes to advancements the team here at Elevators Ltd are no stranger to the future. After all, technology is the be all and end all of our industry and without it we wouldn’t have such high quality modern machines at our fingertips. Whilst the days of elevator operators have been and gone, new inventions are taking place every day, and nobody really knows what the next elevator could look like. With this said, even the most advanced elevator is obsolete without high quality lift maintenance. Get in contact with a member of the team to find out how we can help today!