An elevator is not an impenetrable piece of machinery that will run for years and years without any kind of repair taking place and it is important that you ensure your elevator is serviced on a regular basis so that any maintenance issues are flagged up and dealt with promptly. After all, the last thing people will want to do is climb several flights of stairs because their only method of swiftly moving through the floors has failed. In addition to this, recognising when a full replacement is in order is also important which is why we’ve put together this blog on some of the warning signs…

Slowing Down

A change in speed of an elevator is a major red flag when it comes to its health and is a suggestion that you should start thinking about having the elevator replaced. With people using it every single day, general wear and tear means that the loads are simply reducing the efficiency of the machinery and although it isn’t a risk in term of the elevator crashing, the elevator could simply stop work, leaving you to battle with the stairs.


If your elevator often stops just slightly above or below the floor you require, it is a sign that the breaks are in need of some TLC. Mid-levelling occurs gradually over time however once the breaks have suffered damage, it is wise to have a new elevator installed to secure the safety of every person who uses it.

Regular Break Downs and Repairs

Regular break downs on an elevator are indicative that it is simply reaching the end of its lifespan. After all, nothing can last forever and it is simply more sensible to have a new one installed in terms of safety and money. There is no point funnelling cash into having the existing one constantly replaced when you can invest in a fully functioning lift instead.

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