Since its invention, the elevator has undergone quite the makeover. After all, it is safe to say that they no longer implement the simplicity of a rope and pulley platform that was operated by manual labour. In fact, the elevator is more advanced in the 21st century than it has ever been and as a result, we have developed a range of interesting yet unbelievable designs that have become tourist attractions themselves. Just take the AquaDom as an example! Read on as we go over three elevators that you have to see to believe…

The Gateway Arch

Found in Missouri, the Gateway Arch is known as one of America’s tallest monuments. With this said, the fact that there is a fully operational elevator attached to this 192-metre high spectacle is a tourist attraction in it own right. After all, the complex structure of the arch is only complemented by the mechanical genius of the cab’s design, which are large enough to walk around in. In fact, the entire elevator journey takes around 4 minutes to complete which is more than enough time to take in the scenery below.

Lloyd’s Building

Located in the heart of London on Lime Street, the Lloyd’s building was designed inside out which means that there is piping and other mechanical features that adorn the exterior. In fact, the staircases and elevators can even be found outside too and whilst they may not be considered the fastest, they certainly offer some dazzling views of the Thames. With a 30-second journey length, there isn’t a better way to bask in the glory of London’s busy city centre.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

With their curved metallic exteriors, the elevators that can be found in the Mercedes-Benz museum in Germany are a must-see for any elevator fanatic. After all, the entire building may be dedicated to a rich 125-year history of motoring landmarks but the inspiration behind the modern design of these lifts are like nothing passengers have ever seen before. In fact, many people actually visit the museum purely for the futuristic 30-second elevator ride.

Although our elevators may not provide views that stretch for miles, we believe that they deliver on the finer details like mechanical engineering, reliability and aesthetics. In fact, the team here at Elevators Ltd are more than qualified to handle each and every elevator related enquiry you may have and we strive to ensure that every client is satisfied with their purchase. To find out more information about our services, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!