Traction Lifts

Using considerably less power than hydraulic versions, our range of traction lifts are ideal for residential and commercial customers specifing smooth ride charateristics at quicker journey times and high useage.

traction liftsWith excellent ride quality due to precision speed control, reduced noise levels and maximum flexibility, our traction lifts are suitable for a wide variety of properties, including apartment buildings, office blocks and private homes. Available in capacity ranges from 380kg to 2000kg, our traction lifts can run up to speeds of 4m/s and provide exceptional value for money for low, medium and high rise buildings.
Our traction lifts come in three different types:

  • Geared machine room-less lifts
  • Gearless machine room-less lifts
  • Conventional traction lifts – Geared or Gear-Less

All three lift versions come in a wide variety of finishes and have many accessories designed to improve the look and feel of the lift, while maintaining your property’s aesthetically pleasing features.

Geared machine room-less lifts

Running off a 3 phase supply, our geared machine room-less traction lifts provide customers with exceptional performance and efficiency.

With an excellent stopping precision and noise levels kept incredibly low, our geared machine room-less lifts are an ideal solution for residential and commercial property owners looking for a smooth and quiet ride that uses incredibly low amounts of energy.

Gearless machine room-less lifts

Offering the same finishes and accessories as our geared machine room-less lifts, our gearless versions can produce up to speeds of 2m/s while still retaining the smooth ride and quiet features.

Ideal for private homes, apartment buildings and offices, our gearless machine room-less lifts use low levels of energy and are environmentally friendly.

Conventional Traction lifts

Whilst these lifts require a motor room, our conventional traction lifts still offer excellent reliability and ride comfort as well as reduced energy costs.

Incredibly popular with both residential and commercial property owners, our conventional traction lifts have the same capacities and speeds as our MRL lifts and come in a wide variety of finishes to ensure that the aesthetically pleasing features of your property are continued in the lift space.

Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, we provide our traction lifts for customers across London, Sussex and Surrey, including Bromley, Maidstone, Canterbury, Medway, Oxford, Reigate, Brighton, Bournemouth, Dorset, Sevenoaks and Guildford.

For more information about our range of traction lifts, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team.