We all need a bit of TLC from time to time, to help keep us sane, refreshed and more importantly, looking younger – well at least feeling younger anyway! The same goes for elevators. They too need some tender loving care, so they operate smoothly and maintain a high quality and reliable service. Fortunately, Elevators Ltd have a lift refurbishment service ready and waiting.

Our lift refurbishment service will enable the elevator to integrate functionality, and continue to provide the passengers with comfort and style, for years to come. Plus, it also helps to keep maintenance and lift repair to a minimum, which is always a bonus!

It will get to the stage where elevators will eventually begin operating slowly and there will be signs of wear and tear, but this is normal behaviour. In fact, we would be a little suspicious if a few years later after the lift installation took place that nothing happened. This is also one of the reasons why we ensure that each and every lift that we have installed and manage, receives regular lift maintenance to help prevent the above from happening.

A lift refurbishment isn’t just about sprucing up your existing elevator; it’s also another option to customers who can’t afford a new lift installation, because it’s out of their budget.

Elevators Ltd have a team of fully qualified and experienced engineers, who have an eye for detail, which means they can spot minor things a mile away, as well as listen to you requirements and work out a service that is tailored to you.

So how about getting in touch with Elevators Ltd today to discuss our lift refurbishment service, or any of our other services including lift installation?