Top TractionA classic, tried and tested choice for any lift company Oxford-wide, traction lifts are incredibly effective, efficient and quiet even in full swing. They’re a very popular pick, and as a top lift company Oxford-wide we don’t think it’s too hard to know why that is when you’ve experienced what a smooth ride they’re able to provide.

Traction lifts are also the perfect choice for anyone working on a little bit of a limited budget, primarily due to their incredibly low power requirements and the fact they’re able to operate at a wide variety of speeds. In working slowly, they maximise on energy efficiency when there’s no need for speed, though they’re more than able to maintain an impressive 4 metres per second at their fastest. Make sure you check out our website if you’d love to read more about our traction lifts and how they’ve helped us gain our reputation as a leading lift company Oxford-wide!

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