You may remember us telling you the exciting news about the possibility of have a lift installation (sort of) from Earth to Space and the team over at Elevators Ltd are very excited about this prospect; though lift maintenance would be a bit of a palaver!

Scientists have been discussing this possibility since the 1950s and although there isn’t currently suitable material that is strong and light enough to work, or enough quantity for the monumental structure that is required, it is predicted that in 20 years, the elevator to Space will come into force. It’s all getting very exciting and we do hope that we can see the mechanics behind it and we really hope that it is a success.

Elevators Ltd might not have the right resources or scientific knowledge – in a Sheldon Cooper kind of way, but we do have the correct materials, resources and an exceptional amount of lift knowledge to successfully perform lift installations, lift maintenance and any other lift related service.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to transport you to Space, but we can take you to the top floor of your building in a speedy time. How about getting in touch with us for more info about lift maintenance and lift installations? You never know, NASA might be on the other end of the phone in the next 10 to 20 years about the possibility of being their number one lift maintenance company!