Here at Elevators Ltd we like to recognise that elevators have paved the way for a lot of different inventions that exist today. In fact, it is safe to say that we likely wouldn’t have some of the most famous and biggest constructions we currently have without the existence of the elevator and since they are so important, we have decided to go over a few of these things in this blog post…

Penthouse Suites

The skyline of many famous cities wouldn’t exist without incredibly tall buildings, many of which are made up of hotels and other enterprises. A penthouse suite is a large, and often expensive, flat that is suited at the very top of these tall buildings. In fact, they are often owned by celebrities because they come with such an extravagant upfront cost! With this said, penthouse suites would likely be obsolete without the elevator because we simply wouldn’t have the technology to allow people to reach a floor that high.

Apartment Buildings

Similarly to the principle of penthouse suites, a lack of technological advancements would make it impossible to have apartment buildings, or even hotels for that matter. In fact, apartment buildings were made to create more living space whilst using less land and of course the only way to do this is to build upwards. It is safe to say that without elevators there would be an even bigger housing crisis as we simply wouldn’t have the means to travel to such heights.

The Empire State Building

Whilst living spaces play a large role in the accessibility that elevators have provided, it is also important to look at how tourism has impacted our reliance on technology. Take the Empire State Building for example; this 102 story building that stands at 443m metres tall was completed in 1931. Despite this, it is only the 28th tallest building in the world and the 6th tallest free-standing building in the USA. With this said, it has also become a major tourist attraction that offers paying visitors a two-way trip inside an incredibly advanced fast travelling elevator to the very highest possible point in order to look over NYC from above and without this elevator technology, the empire state building likely wouldn’t exist for tourism purposes.

When it comes to elevators it is important to recognise how much the populations relies on them during everyday life. In fact, for people with disabilities the need for accessibility is only getting more crucial. To find out more information about our range of passenger elevators, get in contact with the best lift company around today!