Taking care of an elevator is a full-time responsibly for property owners. After all, the mechanical components have to be in tip top condition and the elevator itself has to be deemed safe for use. With this said, choosing a maintenance company can be a difficult decision. Luckily, we’ve put together a few important things to take into consideration when it comes to hiring the perfect elevator engineer…


It is well within a client’s right to vet the company that they are intending to hire, especially when it comes to something as important as elevator maintenance. One of the most effective ways to find out if a company is qualified enough to handle the requirements of your job is to ask for case studies or reviews from previous clients in order to assess for experience and skill.

Emergency Call-Out

Whilst general maintenance and servicing sessions are important, it is also vital that an elevator engineer can offer breakdown cover too. After all, an elevator is a mechanical piece of technology and this means that it doesn’t schedule mishaps or prewarn property owners when a fault is going to occur. As a result, an emergency call-out service is something that sound be asked about when vetting a maintenance company.


Every elevator is different; however, many property owners only have small budget when it comes to maintenance and repair work. As a result, it is important to ask around and find out which company can offer the best value for money. After all, the cheapest solution may not always be the most effective and an engineer will often try to personalise a maintenance package in order to reflect what the customer can afford.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to lift maintenance. After all, passenger safety is our number one priority. As a general rule, an elevator should be inspected on an annual basis, however older models may benefit from quarterly visits. To find out more information about our maintenance packages, get in contact with a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!