Although elevators have been around for over a century, there is still a lot that the average person doesn’t know about them. Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients understand the investment they are about to make. After all, misconceptions can be a dangerous thing to gamble with. Read on as we go through three things that people often incorrectly believe about elevators…

The Cables Can Snap

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who have a phobia of elevators and the majority of these fears stem from the possibility of the cables snapping and freefalling through the elevator shaft. In reality, a single elevator cab is fitted with 8-12 thick steel cables that are more that strong enough to hold the cab individually. This means that even if a cable did snap (which is extremely unlikely!), the other cables would be able to support the weight of the cab with ease, thus keeping everyone safe.

They Don’t Need Maintaining

An elevator is a piece of man-made machinery which means that it requires human intervention to keep them in a safe working order, just like cars, fireplaces and automatic systems. In fact, we even provide maintenance to our health by visiting the doctor when we feel unwell and need a professional opinion. As a result, an elevator shouldn’t be treated any differently and requires regular servicing and maintenance to detect and repair any faults that may develop.

There is a Limited Air Supply

Another reason why people may be afraid of an elevator is down to the dramatization of Hollywood that portrays people slowly running out of oxygen when they get trapped inside a broken down elevator cab. Luckily, all elevators are actually fitted with an ongoing supply of oxygen which means that passengers will never run out of air during their journey, even if their cab was to break down.

As the experts in the industry, the team here at Elevators Ltd recognise the importance of busting the biggest elevator related myths on the internet. With this said, sometimes a misunderstanding is simply down to a lack of knowledge on the subject. If you are considering an elevator investment, get in contact with the best lift company around today and our helpful team will help clear up any confusion you may have!