Well who would have thought it, some of the most richest people on the planet having to walk up the stairs, whilst some lift maintenance works are being carried out. Au revoir Louboutins! The Princess Tower in Dubai, which just happens to be the tallest building in the world, boasting 107 floors; lift had to be put on stand still. Bad times! Why did this happen?

There was a fire hose leak on the 96th floor of the skyscraper and with the persistent leak, the water managed to get into the lift shafts causing them to flood. This means that some residents are having to walk up 1,300ft to reach their apartment and here’s the real shocker for you, it is the equivalent of walking up 1 third of Ben Nevis!  So in the meantime, the lift company responsible for the lift in question, have a replacement lift in its place, but only for limited trips and it will only reach the 50th floor, so we’re afraid that for those living above the 50th floor will have to walk. We personally don’t think it’s very wise for people to walk up over 100 floors, especially in a hot climate country like Dubai. It’s no wonder people are opting to book into a hotel until the lift has been repaired.

Although this lift problem couldn’t have been prevented, it is still essential any lift maintenance is carried out thoroughly and maybe a more sufficient lift replacement should be put in place for all residents to benefit from.

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