What a glorious weekend it’s been here in London. The sun hasn’t stopped shining, the temperature reached a whopping 17 degrees and we were all out enjoying the spring weather. After the horrendous storm that we’ve all been receiving over the last few months, we can finally say hurrah to the mini spring heat wave!

The sun can make any bad day seem good and waking up to it first thing in the morning, especially on a Monday, can really put a spring in our step – no pun intended. We saw so many cheerful faces on the way into Elevators Ltd head offices today, well as happy as can be on a Monday morning and we think it’s all down to the sun. The team over at Elevators Ltd are always dedicated and work hard to ensure that our customers are happy, but when the days are like this, they’re unstoppable! So be warned that our lift engineers might be whistling and singing whilst working on the lift maintenance!

Our guys always put 110% effort into their job and mainly because they love what they do; not many people can say that about their job! This shows in the high level and quality of work that they do, and more importantly it means no mistakes are being made. There would be nothing worse than having to send the engineers back round for lift repair work.

Come rain or shine, Elevators Ltd are here for you. Whether your lift is in need of lift maintenance or lift repair, or you’re after a lift installation, all you need to do is pick up the phone and you’ll be put through to a member of our ever so friendly team.