Here at Elevators Ltd, we strive to provide our customers with the quality that they deserve and that is why all of our elevators are fully inspected prior to and following an installation. With this said, the longevity of this investment is fully dependant on the care it receives throughout its lifespan. In fact, a lack of lift maintenance can show itself in many ways. Read on we go over the top three…

Speed Irregularity

An elevator should always travel at a steady speed in order to provide passengers with a comfortable journey. In fact, an engineer will always inspect the speed of a lift during every maintenance check-up and diagnose any irregularities in order to ensure that a cab is safe to use. As a result, an elevator that is travelling slower or faster than usual is likely overdue an inspection or is being neglected by the property owner.


When an elevator stops above or below its designated floor and creates a ‘lip’ that the passengers then have to work around, it is known as mis-levelling. This problem is often caused by a faulty braking system; however, it can also originate from voltage issues and overcrowding too. If a cab has been mis-levelling for some time then it is likely that the elevator is not being maintained as it should be. After all, even the most inexperienced engineer will be able to spot a mis-levelling issue.


Engineers will carry out a variety of tests in order to ensure that a lift is fit for use, however there is a common misconception that these analyses are purely visual. In actual fact, a lift is often checked for efficiency too in order to ensure that a cab can operate effectively and safely. A load test, which measures an elevators ability to carry its maximum load at its maximum speed, should be carried out every 5 years for this exact reason, however general engineers also tend to assess efficiency too.

It is essential that property owners provide their elevators with routine maintenance and regular inspections. After all, engineers are trained to spot even the smallest problem which helps ensure that passengers are safe as well as preventing a sudden mechanical breakdown. To find out more information about lift maintenance, get in contact with a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!