An elevator can come with one of two systems: traction or hydraulic. Whilst both come with their own set benefits, it is important to take safety into consideration too. After all, most cases of elevator related claustrophobia stem from the fear of being injured inside a cab. Here at Elevators Ltd, we have a wide range of hydraulic elevators that can be purchased without a machine-room or in the conventional manner. Read on as we discuss why you can be sure that a hydraulic elevator is safe…

How They Work

Put simply, hydraulic elevators are powered by pistons that travel via a cylinder. There is also the addition of hydraulic oil, which is pumped by an electric motor into the cylinder, and this helps move the piston. These separate contraptions all work together in unison in order to move the piston and gently lift the elevator cab. In order to make the cab descend, the release of oil is controlled by electric valves.

Can’t Get Stuck

Since most people with an elevator fear are actually scared of free-falling to their doom or being trapped inside a cab that has broken down, it is interesting to know that it is hypothetically impossible to get stuck inside a hydraulic elevator. After all, they are designed with safety in mind, and because they use hydraulics rather than motor operated cables, the cab moves based on the air pressure inside the cylinder. This makes the entire system incredibly safe during a power outage as the air pressure would simply equalize itself. Should you be at ground level during a power outage, you would simply have to pry the doors open and exit the cab and should you be in motion during a power outage, the cab would gently descend to the ground floor and allow you to do the same.


Hydraulic systems don’t have many moving parts in contrast to traction systems which means that they are perfect for those looking for a low maintenance elevator. In fact, even with a low maintenance guarantee, hydraulic elevators are also incredibly reliable because they are less likely to require constant repairs or break down over and over again. This means that you can install and use your elevator with the peace of mind that it is very unlikely to stop without warning.

When an elevator engineer starts using specialist jargon like ‘hydraulics’ and ‘pistons’, it is easy to become lost. After all, this is not terminology that people hear in everyday life. As a result, the team here at Elevators Ltd have made it our mission to ensure that our readers understand the fine details on the product they are enquiring about. After all, it is important that clients are able to make an educated and informed decision. Get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team to find out more information today!