You may have read one of our earlier blogs about the psychological aspects of how we behave in lifts in the sense of how we position ourselves. But without realising it, lifts can also define our mannerisms too and the real you can often shine out. Even a reputable lift company like ourselves, who has worked on and studied lifts for years, don’t realise how we behave and react in a confined space like that. Unfortunately, how one behaves in a lift environment can also mean that others around you become slightly judgmental. We mutter under our breaths when someone doesn’t open the door for you.

Conversation topics are a real deal breaker in letting your personality come alive. Some people will tend to hold back in what they’re saying if they walk into a lift which isn’t empty. No one wants to overhear a conversation when you’re in a small confined space, especially if you’re talking about something out of the ordinary. However, some people will just carry right on and talk about the oddest thing, with offensive language. It’s not only the topic of conversation that is the highlight of the journey; it’s going back to what we said earlier about people not opening doors for you.

It’s frustrating at the best of times when people are ignorant enough to deliberately not hold the door open for you, but when you some poor soul sprinting to the lift with puffed out red cheeks, to only miss the lift by a millisecond, you can’t help but feel sorry for them. The majority of us will hold the open door button when we see someone coming towards the lift, but when there are other people in there, we tend to become more hesitant; and there are some who couldn’t give two monkeys. There is also the line between whether we run frantically towards the lift and jump in it like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, and there are some who will causally walk coolly to the lift with the ‘I’ll wait for the next one’ attitude.

Maybe lift companies should invest in some music to ease off any tension? Our lift engineers are the experts, so if they think it’ll work, then we’ll do it!