Here at Elevators Ltd, we work closely with our residential clients in order to ensure that they are completely satisfied with their purchase. After all, the decision to install a domestic lift is not something that should be taken lightly. Read on as we go over some of the pros and cons of investing in a residential elevator that our readers should be aware of when considering such an important investment…

Pro: Home elevators improve residential safety and accessibility

The elderly and disabled often face issues navigating public buildings due to a lack of suitable accessibility alterations, however this is something that shouldn’t occur inside one’s own home. Unfortunately, traditional steep staircases often leave people confined to the ground floor for extended periods of time. Luckily, a residential lift can provide a safe and alternative way to travel between the different floors of a property and are large enough to comfortably fit a single wheelchair inside.

Con: Domestic properties may be too small for home elevators

With this said, it is important that a home has enough space to accommodate the different components that make up a residential lift. After all, they may be much smaller than a traditional passenger elevator, however they still require a motor and shaft in order to function safely and reliably. As a result, some residential properties may find that they are too small to comfortably install a domestic lift.

Pro: Residential elevators are very cost-effective

Many accessibility issues can be rectified fairly easily, however the cost of such solutions tend to be unaffordable for the average person. Luckily, a residential lift comes with an attractive price tag and whilst their steep up-front price can be off-putting for some, many homeowners prefer to see them as an investment for the future because they can last for several decades with the right maintenance.

A residential elevator is manufactured with safety and reliability in mind in order to ensure that passengers have peace of mind with every single journey that they take. After all, they are commonly installed in order to solve the accessibility issues that traditional British homes present. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company on the market and ask a member of the Elevators Ltd team about our range of domestic elevators today!