There’s nothing worse than turning up to work and finding that the car park is packed to the rafters. You find yourself circling the area in your car, scowling at every filled-up space as though one of the vehicles is going to magically dissipate into thin air. Eventually, you end up heading out of the car park and parking up at the next available space at the side of the road- which always seems to be around 3 miles away.

Owning a car park that simply doesn’t have enough spaces is incredibly frustrating and a difficult problem to solve. We’re here at Elevators Ltd to give you a brief rundown of the problems associated with impractical car parking, and how we can help you rectify the issue.

  • If a customer drives into your car park and finds that there aren’t any free spaces, then this could deter them entirely from your shop and send them driving off to one of your competitors. This means that a poor car parking set up could be costing you money, as well as giving you a bad reputation.
  • Your own staff will be finding it incredibly frustrating not to be able to park up at their own offices or place of work. This means that, for those unlucky ones that don’t get a space, they will be coming into work in a bad mood- which could ultimately make them less productive and have a negative effect on your business.
  • Bad car parking systems can also cause a great deal of stress. Whether it’s the lack of spaces or the struggle of actually getting into one, both employees and customers can find the whole experience incredibly stressful. This reflects badly on your business, as it implies that you don’t care enough to resolve the issues at hand.

Fortunately, Elevators Ltd offer a range of different car parking solutions, all tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whilst we do specialise in lift maintenance and passenger lifts, we also offer a variety of Doppler lifts and car lifts- and these can all be used to optimise your car parking space and to make it more practical. For any further information on the products that we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.