For thousands of years we were limited to three or four-storey building because there was no efficient way to reach the top floor of a building if we built any higher. In fact, our ancestors used ropes and pulleys in order to formulate a makeshift ‘elevator’ and transport things between the floors of a building to avoid carrying things up and down steep staircases. The elevator has been around for over 200 years and in this blog we are going to over three defining moments within the history of the elevator industry…

Elisha Otis’s Emergency Break

In 1853, Elisha Graves Otis, known as the grandfather of the modern elevator, debuted a risky tactic. He decided to showcase his new elevator safety break design by testing it on himself at the New York World’s Fair! It was a huge success and is ultimately the reason why we have been able to perfect elevator safety so well in the modern 21st century.

The Electric Elevator

Many years ago, elevators were nothing like they are today and relied on a rope and pulley system in order to travel up and down. However, in the late 1800’s, the electric motor was introduced thanks to the discovery and implementation of electricity. This not only made the cabs safer to use, it allowed elevator to develop faster than ever before. After all, gearless traction and electromagnetic technology quickly followed suit.

High Speed Elevators

Without the elevator, we would not have any of the skyscrapers we have today. After all, the only way to reach the top floor is via elevator technology because it is simply impossible to climb one hundred stories. In fact, it is important to recognise high speed elevators within the history of the industry as their ability to travel 80 stories in under 2 minutes is the reason why we have buildings like the Empire State Building!

As the years go on, elevators continue to develop alongside our advancements in technology. In fact, the industry shows no sign in slowing down as Japan recently announced their ambition to build a space elevator! To find out more information about the history of the elevator industry, get in contact with the best lift company around at Elevators Ltd today!