A wheelchair elevator, also known as an inclined platform lift, is an indoor and outdoor solution for accessibility that is both affordable and practical. After all, they take up very little space due to their ability to fold to the side when they are not in use and are designed with safety compliance in mind. Read on as the team here at Elevators Ltd go over everything there is to know about wheelchair elevators…

What are the different types of wheelchair elevators?

One of the biggest misconceptions that people often have about inclined platform lifts is that the product range lacks diversity. In actual fact, there are several different types of wheelchair elevators that are designed with the requirements of the user in mind. For example, vertical wheelchair lifts  do not travel along the staircase but rather operate like a basic traditional passenger lift, crane wheel chair lifts are essentially a robotic arm that allows an empty motorised wheelchair to be transfer from the ground into a vehicle or vice versa, and inclined wheelchair lifts are the most popular as they secure the user on a platform and transport them along the staircase itself which saves a lot of room.

Are wheelchair lifts safe for use?

Although a wheelchair elevator may not look very advanced, they are fitted with the same high-quality components as a traditional passenger lift in order to provide users with safety and reliability. In fact, the wheelchair is strapped into place and the brakes should always be applied in order to ensure that it is stationary during the journey. In addition to this. every inclined platform elevator comes with an emergency stop button to halt the lift in the event of a problem.

How much does a wheelchair elevator cost?

The cost of a wheelchair lift depends on the type of operation that the customer is looking for as well as its size, weight capacity and installation process. After all, some lifts tend to be cheaper than others. With this said, accessibility is an important feature for all wheelchair users and that is why wheelchair elevators are said to be one of the most affordable lifts on the market.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that accessibility should be a universal implementation. With this said, many buildings are too old for an elevator to be safely implemented which means that property owners often have to find suitable alternatives. An inclined platform lift is an effective and affordable solution that can be implemented in two story buildings in order to allow those with a wheelchair dependence to navigate the different floors of a building. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company on the market today!