As an easy to understand piece of technology, the majority of people in the modern world have used an elevator at one time or another in their lives. After all, it involves the movement of well-designed mechanisms that move a cab up and down a shaft in order to safely transport passengers between the different floors of a building. In fact, this idea has been the basic principle of elevator design for almost two hundred years. With this said, the 21st century has thrown a spanner in the works as sideways elevators are the next technological development. Read on as we go over everything you need to know about them…

What is a sideways elevator? 

As the name suggests, a sideways elevator is a type of lift that moves horizontally as well as vertically. Whilst many people tend to compare them to the Wonkavator, a literary elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that moves ‘sideway, and slantways, and longways and backways, the sideways elevator is very early in its development. This means that the technology is incredibly basic, however, the German designers are certainly making futuristic gadgets a thing of the present.

How do sideways elevators work?

Ditching the traditional suspension cables that are found in traction designs, the sideways elevator was made in Berlin uses magnetic levitation in order to allow the cabs to move in both horizontal and vertical directions. In fact, this is the same principle that is used in high-speed trains! The system operates by utilising magnetic coils that run along the hoist ways in order to allow the elevator cabs to ‘float’. When these coils are turned on and off, the cabs can effectively be pulled in a variety of different directions.

Will sideways elevators lead to taller buildings?

With cities getting more crowded each year, it is important that our buildings are designed as efficiently as possible and experts think that sideways elevators could be the secret we’ve been looking for. After all, the last 150 years of design have been dominated by cables and pulleys, however, the futuristic magnetised technology of the sideways elevator provides a promising change that will alter the way we design and live in skyscrapers. In fact, the elimination of cables means that height restrictions are off the table and this could eventually result in more skyscrapers.

Although the elevator is a staple in many buildings around the world, they require regular maintenance in order to ensure that they remain in a safe and usable condition. With this said, the sideways elevator promises a lot for the future of the industry and whilst it isn’t a part of our product range just yet, the team here at Elevators Ltd put a lot a dedication into the manufacturing of our high-quality passenger lifts. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company on the market today!