Imagine you were about to step into a lift, but took a look down to see that there was no floor? Its times like this where you need to think fast. That first initial realisation is heart pumping and sickening; the thought that you almost stepped into a bottomless lift… This is something that shoppers in the Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth experienced.

The creators at Alton Towers Theme Park created a demo for the latest edition to the rides “Nemisis Sub Terra”. They designed a lift that would give the 3D illusion tour of the underground network of caves. The floor in the lift was gone, revealing the Inter workings of the lift shaft that lay beneath. You can take a look at the video, by clicking here.


We wonder what reaction our lift engineers would have if they opened this lift to carry out some lift maintenance? We can imagine that one or two of them would be oblivious by it and few others trying to get their head around it; but they wouldn’t let this faze them! They’ll go ahead and begin with the lift maintenance!

So there you have it, the lift with a twist! Now, in all seriousness, if you spot a lift that has no bottom, do not attempt to step inside it!

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