We’re all familiar with Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and we all know that gravity is what keeps us on the ground and not floating around. Thinking about it, it would be pretty horrendous if gravity didn’t exist, but with the 95mph winds that the UK is witnessing today, it will be pretty hard to stay on the ground. Mary Poppins wouldn’t have a problem at all.

Winds can be heard and feel a lot stronger in high storey buildings and it can be pretty scary. You can hear humming and creaking sounds, and it’s pretty nerve racking. I thought I’d share a lift experience with you in this blog, something that happened about 20 minutes ago. So I stepped in the lift, pressed the 9th floor button and nothing; the lift wouldn’t budge and being an expert in the lift maintenance and repair industry, I knew it wasn’t a fault of the lift. The only sound I could hear was the wind howling and humming, and I felt a brush of cold air in the lift. I came to the conclusion that the wind outside was that strong that it was preventing the lift from moving. It was ok though; I pressed the lift door open button, got it out and went up in the next lift. We’re not saying that all lifts will be like this, as this lift was right next to the door.

If you hear a similar sound in your lift or witness a similar situation, then feel free to give Elevators Ltd a call. It doesn’t matter how long the lift maintenance job takes; it could take a few hours or it could be a 10 minute job, either way our lift engineers will out to in a jiffy.

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