A traditional elevator is designed in order to improve the accessibility of a public building, residential property and outdoor area, however additional improvements were added during the Equality Act 2010 in order to ensure that the interior of a cab is as disability friendly as possible. Here at Elevators Ltd, our passenger elevators are designed with accessibility legislation in mind to provide our clients with an effective investment. Read on as we go over three key implementations found inside every Equality Act elevator cab…

How big should an elevator cab be?

Elevators that are installed inside residential homes, office buildings or apartments tend to be much smaller than traditional passenger lifts and this can make it difficult for wheelchair users to use them with ease. As a result, the Equality Act 2010 made it compulsory for every cab to be large enough to comfortably fit a single wheelchair or pushchair inside.

Why are audible elevator announcements important?

Although Braille is now a common implementation inside public elevators, it is thought that only 1 in 10 visually impaired people can read and understand it. As a result, the Equality Act 2010 has made audible announcements a necessary feature for property owners to implement inside their lifts and they should be used when the doors are opening and closing and when the cab reaches a new floor.

Do handrails improve the safety of an elevator?

The average passenger elevator travels no faster than 5 m/s which means that most journeys are relatively smooth. With this said, the elderly and those that suffer from balance problems often require a handrail in order to provide peace of mind when using an elevator which is why every cab should be fitted with a minimum of one handrail in order to be considered Equality Act compliant.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we offer a high-quality modernisation and refurbishment service for all of our clients in order to improve the interior of their cabs and ensure that they are fitted with Equality Act 2010 compliant features. After all, many outdated elevators do not have important installations like handrails and rear mirrors. To find out more information, ask a member of the best lift company on the market today!