Society has a bad reputation of catering to those who find it easy to get from location to location with ease. After all, many disabilities are often invisible to those simply passing by. With this said, statistics from 2010 show that over 11 million people in the UK suffer with some kind of chronic illness or disability and it is safe to say that many of these could benefit greatly from the installation of an elevator. Read on to find out why…


The installation of a disabled elevator makes it easier for those who suffer from a disability to access otherwise inaccessible areas within a public space. For example, many wheelchairs users cannot use the stairs or fit inside a regular elevator and this means that they are unable to entertain in a property that doesn’t offer suitable accessibility.

Social Integration

Without disabled elevators in place it is very possible for those that require them to feel shunned from society. After all, when you are unable to enter a store due to lack of suitable access it can be alienating. By installing a disabled elevator, businesses can help ensure that the disabled are incorporated society the same way that able-bodied people are.


Many disabled people who require things like elevators and ramps long for independence however a lack of accessibility often means that they are reliant on other people to ensure that they can safely get around, especially in busy city centres. A disability elevator would help remove this need for round the clock care and help the disabled regain their independence.

In order to ensure that those with disabilities are provided with the same opportunities are able-bodied people, the government introduced the Equality Act of 2010 which states that changes must be made where suitable in order to allow every member of society the ability to get around without difficulty. Since there are still a number of London Underground stations without step-free access, the need for disability elevators only grows as the years go on. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company at Elevators Ltd today!