You may recall one of our previous blogs about the lift prank in London, which left passengers confused, but this one prank certainly takes it a step further. Here’s what happened…

So it’s just a normal day at work, the sun has been shining, we’ve all been enjoying a BBQ with friends and family, and Monday doesn’t seem faze you. You press the lift button with a slightly red around the edges face and you take a step into the lift as you normally would. You stand there patiently waiting to be transported to the desired floor and then the unthinkable happens.

As you stand there reliving the weekend, the lights all of a sudden begin to flicker inside the lift, you look concerned and pray that the lift doesn’t break down on you. The lights turn off and your heart stops; the realisation kicks in that you’re alone in a blacked out cabin. Hot and cold sweats begin, and you start to feel queasy. The lights turn off and a nervous smile of relief runs across your face. You turn around and see a distraught looking girl (mirroring the girl from The Ring) staring back at you. It’s at this point where you feel as if your life is about to come to a miserable end in a lift shaft and as you scream as loudly as possible, the freakishly looking girl lets out a scream. It’s a cracking video, but not for those who had to experience it. You can check out the YouTube video here –

We would like to see the look on Elevators Ltd lift engineers faces if this prank was to be played on them! We can ensure you though that this was nothing but a prank and that lifts aren’t haunted by a ghostly looking girl form a horror movie! If however you are a little worried about your lift, just give us a call and we’ll send our team down to carry out full lift maintenance, and lift service for you.

For more information about our lift services including, lift maintenance in London and lift installation, just call us today on 020 3468 3193.