If your business exists on numerous levels of a building and you are required to move large amounts or heavy items and materials between floors, or even if you need to move personnel between floors, then a lift is an essential part of your business.

Not only do they make moving between floors easier, they can also make the transporting of goods and people quicker and safer than having to use stairwells. Back injuries account for 20% of workplace injuries, so make sure you keep your employees and visitors safe by installing an elevator system today.  

A lot of companies are put off installing an elevator as they see it as a disruptive and longwinded installation process. This couldn’t be further for the truth; in fact, it takes just five steps to install a modern lift system:

Setting Columns

After initial consultation and yourself and the technician have decided on the right positioning for the elevator; this place needs to be spaceful enough for workers to install the system, floors on all levels need to be strong enough o support the system and here needs to be enough overhead clearance for loading and off-loading cargo. From here, columns will be bolted and guided into place.

Adding the carriage

The chosen carriage will be placed in the columns in the exact position indicated by marking which will be laid out on the floor. Wheelblocks re fitted to the column sand bolted to the carriage uprights efore lift chains are installed and connected to the wheelblocks.

Raising the drive base

For mechanical lifts a drive base will need to be lifted on top of the columns. This motordrive will be bolted into position and welded into the main supports.

Wiring electrical components

All lifts are now electronically controlled and once the main installation is complete your technician will complete any appropriate wiring ensure your lift will work at the flick of a switch.

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