They may have only been around for one hundred years, but modern society would surely be lost without the elevator. After all, we rely on them more than we realise, and skyscrapers would be a mere fantasy without their technology. Here at Elevators Ltd we may only specialise in regular lifts however we love learning about the ones with a need for speed! Read on to find out more about some of the fastest elevators in the world…

John Hancock Centre – Chicago, USA

Found in America, this high-speed elevator is supplied by Otis and can be found in the John Hancock Centre. In fact, it is no surprise that a building with 1,632 steps requires efficient and punctual elevators. Luckily, the lifts are able to take visitors from the lobby to the observatory in an impressive 38 seconds, hitting a rather un-modest speed of 20.5mph.

China World Trade Centre Tower III – Beijing, China

Coming in second place, China’s world Trade Centre stands at an impressive height of 1,083ft which means that it requires a powerful elevator to reach those top floors. Supplied by the company Schindler, the elevators are able to travel at 22mph and reach the top floor in 33 seconds, hitting their full velocity in just 11 seconds!

Taipei 101 – Taipei, Taiwan

Not only are the elevators in the Taipei 101 incredibly efficient, they’re also rather expensive. After all, just one comes in at around $2 million! Luckily this hefty price tag comes with a speed of 37.7mph that can take you from the ground floor to the roof in just 30 seconds! Supplied by Toshiba, it is no surprise that these super-speed elevators are well sought after.

The modern-day elevator is only getting more advanced as time goes on and experts suggest that the future could introduce horizontal systems and even more efficient mechanics! Our expertise here at Elevators Ltd lies with all things lift maintenance related which is why we like to stress the importance of taking care of your elevator. After all, our commercial models may not be as speedy as those in the Empire State Building, but high-quality maintenance certainly goes a long way! Get in contact today to find out more information.