You can’t beat strutting around with Louis Vuitton by your side and none of this fake malarkey either! Carrying a LV bag is one thing, but imagine getting inside and travelling in the designer fashion label’s lift? It would certainly be a lift that our engineers would have to be extra careful with when carrying out a lift service.

We all know that Selfridges is a classy department store and our London one has been with us for decades! With Louis Vuitton launching their new store called the Townhouse in Selfridges, which is set to be the largest in Europe, comes accompanied with a futuristic lift that has been purposely designed. The Townhouse will take up a large proportion of the ground floor in Selfridges, as well taking over another couple of floors.

The lift has been designed by the French designer Gwenael Nicolas. He created a state of the art glass lift to connect all three levels for Louis Vuitton and has a circular lift spins slowly between the floors. If you think that this is a pretty cool lift, then their other one is just as magnificent. It’s a padded ‘sensory deprivation’ lift that shuttles you skywards at the designer label’s flagship on Champs Elyseen in Paris.

Pretty amazing lifts aren’t they? We wouldn’t expect anything less from Louis Vuitton and you would most definitely need to extra care with their lifts! It would be pretty awesome to manage their lift maintenance and other lift services.

Seeing as the fancy lifts are located in our home town, we might just pop into to Selfridges and be nosey!