It was pretty hard to escape the storm yesterday and we’ve heard of so many traumatic stories that we just want it all to end. People struggled to walk in the 80+mph winds, which is no surprise and holding onto the nearest lamppost for dear life; vehicles have been swaying; trains have been cancelled or delayed, leaving passengers stranded for up to 10 hours; trees falling on buildings and properties being struck by the force of the wind causing more damage than ever expected. The list is endless, but round two of the storm is just around the corner and when the Met Office refer to it as a tornado coming our way, you know it’s not going to be good.

Many properties have been damaged by the storm and if the lift has been affected due to this please get in touch with Elevators Ltd and we’ll send over our lift engineers to carry out any lift maintenance and lift repair work needed. We understand that the majority of the London area and surrounding towns are still suffering from the torrential rain causing major floods across the south of the country; Elevators Ltd have planned ahead to ensure that our lift engineers reach you in a sufficient time frame. We’ve been planning alternative route journeys and keeping track of the weather, so you don’t have to worry about when the lift maintenance work will be carried out. We always keep our customers informed if there are any problems in advance.

If the lift in your building has been damaged or you think there may be a few problems with it, please get in touch with Elevators Ltd as soon as possible. Whether you’re after lift maintenance or lift repair work, or even require a lift installation, we’ll be there to get the job done. You can find all of our contact details on our contact page on our website. Stay safe everyone!