As a piece of man-made equipment, an elevator requires a lot of attention to detail from a qualified professional in order to ensure that the moving parts stay in tip top condition. After all, general wear and tear may be impossible to prevent but regular maintenance and routine inspections will ensure that it doesn’t lead to an expensive repair job or full lift replacement. Read on as we go over three different types of elevator inspections…

Loading Testing

Carried out every five years, an elevator load test is essential and must be conducted by law in order to ensure that a lift is operating as expected. During the test, an engineer will use special weights in order to confirm that the elevator cab can lifts its maximum weight at its maximum speed. Afterwards, the property owner will be provided with a certification that marks the cab as passed should it manage to meet the minimum requirements.

Biannual Inspections

According to the law, biannual inspections must be carried out on all vertical transportation systems that carry passengers, including hydraulic and traction lifts, escalators, inclined platform lifts and wheelchair elevators. During these inspections, the engineers look for signs of general wear and tear within the components that may pose a risk in the future without prompt intervention. 

5-Year Safety Tests

As the name suggests, a five-year safety test is carried out twice a decade. With this said, they are completely different from load tests and both requirements should not be combined into one inspection. After all, safety inspections are carried out on traction lifts in order to ensure that the electrical components are functioning as efficiently as possible as these systems are prone to wear and tear.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we take great pride in the safety of our elevators which is why we carry out a full inspection prior to installation and repeat the steps again once the lift has been fitted. After all, a passenger deserves the peace of mind that the cab they are utilising is secure. With this said, it is also important that elevators are regularly load tested and that biannual inspections are carried out in order to ensure that the components are working smoothly. To find out more information about lift maintenance, get in contact with a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!