I recently had a bizarre, heart stopping experience in a lift in my apartment building a few days ago and I felt the need to share this story with you all.

It began with a normal morning all dressed smartly for another day in the office. I stepped into the lift (which isn’t an Elevators Ltd lift) in my apartment block, pressed the ‘0’ button and the doors closed. As expected, the lift moved downwards to the ground floor and then the doors failed to open. Acting calmly, I presumed there was just a slight delay; this happens sometimes and the one of the main reasons for carrying out regular lift maintenance.

The feeling of being trapped in the lift did occur, but then all of a sudden the lift shot back up the 6th floor and the doors failed to open once more and it went back down again to the 2nd floor. For someone who works within the lift industry, my heart was racing by this point; I was in a crazy lift that had a mind of its own and I was the only passenger in it. When it reached the 2nd floor, I pressed the lift open button a couple of times to see if would help and luckily the doors opened, and on the other side was another eager passenger waiting to get in. I can’t express enough the feeling of relief and even if the lift did go on a wild bender, being stuck in it with someone else made me feel better. When the lift reached the ground floor for the second time, I immediately pressed the door open button again and couldn’t get out of the lift fast enough!

So there you have it, my traumatic lift experience, but it could be worse! This is also why lift maintenance and regular lift services in important; to prevent situations like this from happening!