When most people imagine an elevator they will picture a basic design that travels up and down, allowing passengers to get to the floor they desire in a building. After all, this is how the majority of elevators in the world can be found. With this said, there are a few crazy exceptions located around the world that have the potential to shock and amaze. Read on to find out a bit of information about the craziest elevators in the world…

The Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

As the craziest elevator on this list, taking a trip on The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland gives you the best of both worlds. After all, it is a rotating lift that was built in order to connect the Forth and Clyde Canal to the Union Canal and with a height that is the equivalent of an eight story building, this weird and wonderful elevator lets you ride an elevator whilst you are in a boat!

The AquaDom, Germany

If you have ever wanted to ride an elevator whilst being surrounded by sea life then you best head to Berlin! This German made lift stands at an impressive 82 feet tall and is built with a cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium surrounding the transparent elevator which has been hidden inside!

The Sky View, Ericsson Globe, Sweden

The Ericsson Globe currently has a diameter of 110 metres and a height of 85 meters, making it the largest hemispherical building in the world, and whilst the Swedish building is primarily used for concerts and sporting events, riding a SkyView elevator allows guests the opportunity to travel in a curved elevator along the outside of the building in order to see Sweden like never before!

Whilst it is true that wild elevator designs like those listed above are evidence of the technological advancements of the 21st century, the team here at Elevators Ltd believe that our high quality home and commercial lifts are much more practical. To find out more information about our wide range of products, get in contact with the best lift company around today!