Ever since the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Equality Act 2010, businesses have a legal requirement to provide accessibility for those who consider themselves disabled. After all, it was incredibly difficult for disabled people to get around with the lack of attention that was given to disability friendly accessibility. Here at Elevators Ltd, we have a wide range of elevators available, many of which include DDA compliant options. Read on as we go through some of the characteristics that can be found in a disability friendly elevator…

Wheelchair Accessibility

When it comes to the basics of a disability elevator, it is important that they are wheelchair accessible. After all, lifts are the only way that wheelchair bound members of society can navigate the different floors or a building and if they are not large enough to comfortably fit a wheelchair inside then they cannot be deemed disability friendly.


Known as a tactile writing system that was introduced in 1824, Braille can be incredibly important for the visually impaired. After all, there may only be 20,000 people in the UK who use it but it is important to provide the option inside your elevator for those who do require it in order to get around independently.

Audible Announcements

Another way that elevators can be adapted for the visually impaired is to provide audible announcements when the elevator doors are opening and closing, when a floor button has been selected and when the cab has reached each floor. This way passengers that do not use the Braille system are still able to make use of elevators safely and independently.


Some people prefer to use elevators because they find stairs too risky. In fact, there are thousands of people that suffer with balance issues who are considered a fall risk on busy public staircases which means that the elevator is a safer alternative. With this said, the jittery movements can be problematic for people with balance problems so it is important that a disability friendly cab is fitted with secure handrails.

It is incredibly difficult to carry out regular daily requirements without disability accessibility for the members of society who are not able bodied, and that is why it is important that we make adaptions in order to cater for their needs. After all, a simple elevator with the characteristics above can make a huge difference to someone who is wheelchair bound and help them continue living independently. To find out more information about our disability friendly elevators, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!