Under lift maintenance regulations and guidelines, all property owners that have a lift present in their building, have the duty to ensure that the safety of their residents and visitors is on top of their list. It is imperative that the lift is regularly serviced by a professional lift services company, like ourselves!

Believe it or not, there are a few cowboy lift companies scattering around and unfortunately, there are one too many people who have to suffer from their negligence and end up paying more money to get the lift serviced. Elevators Ltd can’t state enough how important it is to get a professional a lift services company with a wealth of knowledge behind them, to carry out any lift services. But, cue the Superhero soundtrack here folks, Elevators Ltd will always come to the rescue.

Elevators Ltd have team of fully qualified and experienced lift engineers working with us, who have a reputable reputation. Our client base has grown dramatically through recommendations and a high level of service.

Whether you’re after lift maintenance or lift installation, our engineers will get the job done professionally with no messing around. Call Elevators Ltd today on 020 3432 9579.