The design of a building involves a variety of different components in order to ensure that the finished product ticks every single box. After all, it is important that buildings are modern, eco-friendly, high rising and spacious whilst also providing passengers with an efficient and high-quality way of travelling between the different floors. As a result, elevators have become a necessity in society rather than a luxury. Read on as the team here at Elevators Ltd go over some of the benefits of investing in a machine room-less hydraulic elevator system…

Why are hydraulic elevator energy efficient?

A hydraulic elevator works by utilising pistons and hydraulic fluid in order to allow a cab to ascend with a shaft. With this said, the entire system relies on gravity in order to allow the cabs to descend and this means that energy is only used once. As a result, they are an incredibly energy efficient system and can be used a range of buildings from hospitals to skyscrapers in order to reduce the amount of energy that it used.

What is the benefit of MRL elevators?

The larger an elevator system is and the longer the distance a cab has to travel within a shaft, the more energy that a building will have to provide to power them. In fact, a machine room is often where a lot of this energy is generated, however they can be unpractical for many buildings because they take up a lot of space. A machine room-less (MRL) hydraulic elevator removes the machine room from the design and places it within the shaft itself which provides more room within the building itself for the speed and accuracy that is necessary for hydraulic systems.

How are machine room-less elevators maintained?

Since an elevator is a mechanical piece of equipment, it is safe to say that they cannot regulate their own maintenance needs and any faults that develop will require an inspection from a human engineer. As one of the most complex feats of engineering, the elevator is known to be challenge to maintain, especially when it comes to the machine room. Luckily, MRL hydraulic lifts are affordable when it comes to maintenance and offer engineers a safer and more efficient way to carry out inspections and repairs.

When it comes to the efficiency of an elevator, it is important to take the operating system into consideration. After all, traction and hydraulic systems work differently and the addition or removal of a traditional machine room can make a big difference when it comes to the amount of space that is available. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around and ask a member of the Elevators Ltd team about our MRL hydraulic systems today!