With the rise of technology, businesses have been looking for new and exciting ways to advertise their services.

After all, not everybody uses social media and this means that it is important to find innovative methods that are going to target every member of society. One of the most recent implementations has got to be elevator advertising; the act of covering the exterior doors and interior cabin with a poster or advertisement.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that this is an incredibly cutting-edge idea which is why we have decided to go over some of the benefits…


Some of the best elevator advertisements have taken into consideration the movement of the doors and this means that the creative process is very malleable. After all, businesses have the option to choose a simple design or create something that implements 3D effects and illusion. For example, the marketing team for the 2006 Superman film used elevators in order to recreate the signature logo reveal; the exterior of the doors showed a shirt with two hands and as the elevator doors opened, the movie poster could be seen at the back of the cab.

Cost Effective

In comparison to traditional advertising methods, elevator advertising is incredibly affordable which means that it can be very beneficial for small businesses that are looking to make an impact quickly without sacrificing much of their budget. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of elevators in one given city which means that the potential is enormous.


Thousands of people use elevators every single day and an advertisement on the doors isn’t something that they are going to miss very easily. In fact, statistics show that the average elevator in a public building is used at least 200 times a day which means that the exposure potential is incredible in comparison to a regular advertising banner.

The team here at Elevators Ltd recognise that elevator advertising may not be for everybody. After all, it could look out of place in a high-class office building! With this said, the marketing potential in a shopping centre is hard to understate, especially when it comes to the amount of people who make use of public elevators on a daily basis. To find out more information about elevators, get in contact with the best lift company around today!